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TTCU Federal Credit Union

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A cigar box in the right-hand desk drawer in Miss Wilson’s classroom is the story of how TTCU Federal Credit Union, with its handful of school teacher founders and assets of $1,600, grew to become what it is today, with over 120,000 members and assets over $1.7 billion.

Established in 1934, TTCU Federal Credit Union was founded in the midst of the Great Depression. After years of booming success with the discovery of oil at the turn of the century, Tulsa faced dire circumstances after the stock market crash of 1929 and the subsequent East Texas oil discovery in 1930. Little money was to be had, and the few banks that had money weren’t lending it out. Despite hard times and little money, education did not grind to a halt. Earning salaries as little as $100 a month, while still expected to dress in suits, ties and proper dresses, no group of professionals needed financial services more than teachers.

Our Vision

Enriching life through financial leadership.

Our Mission

We are the trusted source for financial solutions.

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