Employer Quick Look

TPx is the nation’s premier Managed Services Provider, delivering unified communications, managed IT and network connectivity to 80,000 customer locations across the country. Nearly two decades of proven, industry leading customer service focus embedded deep in our corporate DNA has powered more than 15 years of uninterrupted growth for TPx – all driven by earned referral, not advertising.  We’ve evolved as technologies and marketplaces began to change so that we could always be there for our customers, able to put together the comprehensive solutions they needed, with guaranteed performance, so that they could compete, grow and focus on managing their businesses, confident that we were there for them.

Today, TPx has offices coast to coast and we’re rewriting the book on what a managed services company can do by bringing a provider’s heritage of five-nine’s reliability and one-stop shopping to the front of a rapidly changing marketplace. We think that our customers should be able to concentrate on managing what they do best – growing and managing their enterprises – instead of having to invest time, staff and CAPEX trying to stay on top of an increasingly complex technical infrastructure.


TPx’s culture is designed to create a positive and challenging work environment that consistently rewards its team members. We understand that our success depends on the people who make up TPx as much as it is by the award-winning solutions we provide our customers. To support them, we’ve built a culture anchored around Teamwork, Empowerment, and Leadership.

We are committed to promoting Teamwork in every area of our business. TPx puts teamwork front and center in how we work, how we reward and how we celebrate success. We have no tolerance for internal “silos” that hinder positive collaboration and get in the way of creative problem solving.

With employees and customers spread across the country, TPx is focused on providing a “higher state of connectedness” which empowers our team members to easily and intuitively work together. At TPx, you can count on receiving the best tools and training in the industry to help you reach your personal goals and professional potential.

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