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Safeguard is a property preservation company, addressing the needs of mortgage servicers in preserving and protecting their collateral once a loan goes into delinquency, either until the loan is reinstated or throughout completion of the foreclosure process, when the property is sold or conveyed back to the investor/insurer. Founded in 1990 by Robert Klein, Safeguard has expanded and developed from a regional preservation company with two employees and a handful of contractors performing services in the Midwest, to a national company with over 350 employees. It is supported by a nationwide network of contractors able to perform any requested superintendence, preservation, and maintenance functions, as well as numerous ancillary services in the U.S., the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Safeguard's success and reputation in the mortgage field services industry is built upon a fundamental commitment to customer service, a sense of responsibility for the work it performs, and a clear and comprehensive understanding of the investor/insurer compliance issues with which our clients are faced. Safeguard's staff members are trained and dedicated to carry out their daily work in the belief that the customer is always right. Safeguard is committed to the notion that in all cases, our clients deserve and will receive a response to any inquiry within twenty-four hours. The cornerstone of good customer service is not only a timely response, but also the delivery of a resolution for any issue that may arise. With this in mind, Safeguard's staff will work with each client to offer creative and timely solutions that keep the client's out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum, while helping our clients remain in compliance with investor/insurer guidelines. Safeguard is keenly aware of its responsibilities in the regulatory environment under which the mortgage servicing industry, and accordingly, the preservation services industry, operates, and Safeguard understands the client's concern for meeting the investor/insurer requirements. To that end, Safeguard uses its best efforts to ensure that its entire staff as well as all of its contractors and inspectors know and understand the compliance regulations. Safeguard has a team of qualified personnel whose task is to review and monitor changes in the industry and applicable guidelines, and to provide the staff and contractors with timely updates on any new developments. Additionally, Safeguard has implemented a comprehensive training and continuing education program for its staff to continually reinforce and reeducate that staff on investor/insurer compliance and changes in the mortgage servicing industry.

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Customer service is not the whole company, but the whole company is customer service
Safeguard has designed its system to allow clients to run real-time reports on their system through Safeguard's web site. Some of the report options now available to the servicer include: Property Reports
  • Conveyance Status
  • Damaged Property
  • Grass Cut Alert
  • Grass Cut List
  • Mobile Home Report
  • Property on Hold
  • Property Vacancy
  • Properties in Need of Conveyance
  • Vacant Land Listing
  • Winterization Alert
Order Reports
  • Broker For Sale
  • Inspection Alert Report
  • Order Analysis by Work Code
  • Order Count by State
  • Order Performance Report
  • Order Status
  • Order Vacancy
  • Orders on Hold
  • Partial Vacancy Report
  • Preservation Complete
Other Reports
  • A/R Aging
  • Disputed Invoices
  • FEMA Declared Disaster Areas
hours of operation:
8 am - midnight est, monday - friday


Safeguard has several distinct departments servicing specific aspects of default preservation management.
  • Asset Management
  • Property Preservation
  • Property Inspections
  • REO Services
  • REO Preservation Services
  • Title Services
  • Valuations
  • Insurance Loss Inspection
  • Hazard Insurance Recovery Claims
Safeguard is committed to providing the highest quality service to its clients and using its best efforts to ensure that all work performed is done in accordance with agreed upon criteria with our clients and/or applicable investor guidelines.

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