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Professional Career Placements

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company wants to find the top candidates. That’s what Professional Career
Placements does every day!

We are a team
of experienced professionals that believe in taking a unique approach to the
executive search and contract staffing industry.
 PC Placements is your go-to resource for all of your staffing and
business ventures. I have collaborated with several other industry
professionals to strengthen our skills, network, and overall recruiting and
placement capabilities.

You want to hire amazing candidates who can drive your company forward and PC Placements
can help.
I will provide the quality of service that you expect from
a professional talent scout with over 30 years of HR and Recruiting experience
Accounting, Banking, Human Resources, and Executive Administration.


As a team of experienced
professionals, we have created a unique approach to the recruiting and
executive search industry:


We believe that to grow, you must continuously learn, and we take our education
very seriously. We look at each search as a learning experience to reflect on
where we have succeeded and where we can grow. We engage in seminars, lectures
and talks to make sure we are in a state of synchronicity with the industry on
a legal, social and technological level.


If you have a problem, we will always find an answer for you. Since we work as
a team, we are afforded the flexibility to bring in industry leaders to get the
right answer to each unique question. We believe two brains are better than one
and having a second opinion is a necessity, not a recommendation.


At the end of the day, we are in a people-oriented industry. We believe that
each company and person we work with is unique. It is our job to find these
nuances and nurture them and that it is within these differences where PC
Placements finds its success.


We can tell you what we believe and how we do business, but we want you to make
up your own mind about us. The best way for you to get to know us is by doing
business with us and experience the difference of working with PC Placements.

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