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Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

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The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia helps formulate and implement monetary policy, supervises banks and bank holding companies, and provides financial services to depository institutions and the federal government.

One of the 12 regional Reserve Banks that, together with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., make up the Federal Reserve System, the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank serves eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware.


The economists of the Research Department at the Philadelphia Fed conduct research in a number of areas. They disseminate their research through a variety of publications that cover topics on banking and financial markets, forecasting, and the regional economy.


PO Box 1200
Minneapolis, MN 55480
Phone: 888-851-1920 or
877-766-8533 (TTY)
Fax: 877-888-2520


The Philadelphia Fed promotes economic and financial literacy and a greater understanding of the role of the Federal Reserve System through its educational programs. We provide teachers and students with resources that will help them better understand important economic concepts and issues.

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