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Technology Credit Union

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When you choose Tech CU, you’re joining a credit union that was founded in Silicon Valley by a group of entrepreneurs and future high tech leaders. The uniqueness of this valley is in our DNA — and we've got the history to prove it.

Who we are

It began with a group of forward-thinking employees at Fairchild Camera and Instrument Semiconductor Division (a pioneer in technology innovation) who knew their money could be handled in a better way. Nearly sixty years ago, they formed Tech CU — a credit union solely dedicated to the financial success of its members — and owned by the people it served.  

What started with a few thousand dollars and a couple of accounts has evolved into a leader in the Bay Area and one of the 100 largest credit unions in the US. And, no matter how large we have grown, our roots are firmly planted in Silicon Valley. Having had a “front-row seat” to some of the world’s greatest technological advances, we continue to support the entrepreneurial spirit, diverse cultures and unique needs of the high tech industry — reflecting the original founders’ vision.  

What we do
We have stayed true to our core values for over 50 years — having created a workplace we are proud of and supported a community we are dedicated to serving. We volunteer at and donate to a wide variety of organizations with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education, financial literacy and affordable housing.

With more than $1.9 billion in assets and ten full-service branches in the Bay Area, see why we’re a financial services leader that consistently achieves customer satisfaction ratings above 95%.
At Tech CU, you have the chance to make a real impact by joining an innovative company with deep Silicon Valley roots. And, you’re joining a place where our values are at the core of everything we do — providing the best products and services to our members, while ensuring a fulfilled and engaged workforce.

Tech CU offers:

  • Work/life balance – We know how important this is
  • Benefits – Some of the best in the Valley
  • Health and Wellness – Critical for our employees on a daily basis
  • Compensation – We pay for performance and are competitive with the industry
  • And, we give back. We're a not-for-profit, but we're run like any growing business. The smarter we work, the greater value we bring to our members.

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